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Read Chapter One – 2nd Book

chap1270 Read the first chapter of Hoover's Secret War Against Axis Spies: FBI Counterespionage During World War II. This complete chapter tells the story of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover's moment-by-moment weekend when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Read the Chapter

Read Chapter One – 1st Book

Chapter 1 - Rumrich Read the first chapter of The Origins of FBI Counterintelligence. This complete chapter tells the story of Nazis spies operating in America, particularly focusing on the case of Guenther Rumrich, his arrest by the FBI, and how the case changed the FBI. Read the Chapter

Praise for Hoover’s Secret War

"This is a monumental book, breaking new ground in the field of secret intelligence. . . . I strongly suspect Batvinis will write a third book, covering the early years of the Cold War. When complete, that body of work should stand alongside Rick Atkinson’s Liberation trilogy as an essential source for anyone interested in America’s soldiers and spies."—Tim Weiner, National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize recipient; has written extensively about US intelligence

FBI in Moscow

Strange Wartime Odyssey of Louis Beck, FBI Read a fascinating article by Ray Batvinis about FBI Agent Louis Beck who was sent undercover to the US Embassy in Moscow during WW2 to assess the security situation in the embassy. What he found was shockingly lax security attitudes that allowed the Soviet NKVD control of the place -- and of secret US codes. Read more

FBI in Honolulu

FBI-in-Honolulu-270 Relive the hour-to-hour experiences of the FBI field office in Honolulu as they respond to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941. Read more

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