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Read Chapter One – 2nd Book

chap1270 Read the first chapter of Hoover's Secret War Against Axis Spies: FBI Counterespionage During World War II. This complete chapter tells the story of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover's moment-by-moment weekend when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Read the Chapter

Read Chapter One – 1st Book

Chapter 1 - Rumrich Read the first chapter of The Origins of FBI Counterintelligence. This complete chapter tells the story of Nazis spies operating in America, particularly focusing on the case of Guenther Rumrich, his arrest by the FBI, and how the case changed the FBI. Read the Chapter

Praise for Hoover’s Secret War

"This is a monumental book, breaking new ground in the field of secret intelligence. . . . I strongly suspect Batvinis will write a third book, covering the early years of the Cold War. When complete, that body of work should stand alongside Rick Atkinson’s Liberation trilogy as an essential source for anyone interested in America’s soldiers and spies."—Tim Weiner, National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize recipient; has written extensively about US intelligence

FBI in Moscow

Strange Wartime Odyssey of Louis Beck, FBI Read a fascinating article by Ray Batvinis about FBI Agent Louis Beck who was sent undercover to the US Embassy in Moscow during WW2 to assess the security situation in the embassy. What he found was shockingly lax security attitudes that allowed the Soviet NKVD control of the place -- and of secret US codes. Read more

FBI in Honolulu

FBI-in-Honolulu-270 Relive the hour-to-hour experiences of the FBI field office in Honolulu as they respond to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941. Read more

Lecture in Paris

Ray Batvinis gave a lecture about "Secrets of the FBI, World War II and France." Watch

Talk at State Department

Ray Batvinis lectures about his book, “Hoover’s Secret War Against Axis Spies,” at the State Department. Watch

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videopixCheck out all the videos on FBI Studies related to FBI history and espionage. Video Page

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The Pizza Connection

This FBI history article appeared in the May 2016 issues of The Grapevine, published by the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI. The article was written by Charles J. Rooney (FBI 1970-2006) and Lewis D. Schiliro (FBI 1975-2000). The Pizza Connection (pdf) The FBI received concurrent jurisdiction to investigate Title 21 (narcotics violations) in 1982. This […]

Remembering FBI SA Jack Coler and SA Ron Williams

I would like to share with you this video produced for the Society of Former Agents of the FBI by James Hoyer Law Firm and Media Productions. It’s a video in memory of FBI Special Agents Jack Coler and Ron Williams, who were killed in the line of duty on the Oglala Sioux Indian Reservation in Pine […]

The Marcos Affair

The history article written by Gilbert M. Pieper (FBI 1967-1997), from the March 2016 issue of The Grapevine published by the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI: The Marcos Affair (pdf) Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos, Sr., who was born on September 11, 1917 and died on September 28, 1989, was a Filipino politician who served as President of […]

The Patty Hearst/SLA Case

The history article written by Larry Langberg (FBI 1969-1999), from the January/February 2016 issue of The Grapevine published by the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI. In this article, Larry presents his recollections of the case as well as the recollections of SA Steven Ducker. The Patty Hearst/SLA Case (pdf) February 4, 1974, was just another […]

The El Rukn Libyan Terrorist Conspiracy

The history article written by Bill Dyson (FBI 1967-1998) from the April 2016 issue of The Grapevine published by the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI: The El Rukn Libyan Terrorist Conspiracy (pdf) On the surface, the idea that a hostile foreign nation would employ a street gang located in a city in the middle of […]

American Terrorism

  Over the past several years the lives of all American have been dominated by the threat of foreign inspired terrorism. Today it sits at the top of our government’s national security agenda and remains an intractable problem for US policy makers. We do not have look far for the reasons behind these fears. Last […]


Intelligence Community professionals should be outraged. And American men and women loyally and honorably serving in the military at all levels should be both furious and saddened. I’m referring to “How Petraeus avoided felony charges, prison,” a front page article written by reporter Adam Goldman which appeared in the January 26, 2016 edition of The […]

Big Paul’s Christmas Gift

From the latest issue of The Grapevine, published by the Society of Former Agents of the FBI, an article from the Historical Committee written by George Gabriel (FBI fro m 1979 to 2006): Big Paul’s Christmas Gift Thirtieth anniversary of the murder of Paul Castellano. George Gabriel was the John Gotti Case Agent. The Cardinal Rule […]

Speed, Social Media Shape Counterterrorism Probes

I was recently interviewed by Voice of America: (Voice of America) In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, officials carried out waves of raids and arrests to try to break up terror cells across Europe. As in any criminal investigation, the crime scene provides key evidence that leads investigators to suspects still at large. But […]

Fascinating tale of CIA mole Karel Koecher

There is a new documentary film out on Karel Koecher, a KGB mole who worked in the CIA. The spy who spoke on camera (Radio Prague) One of the hottest tickets at this year’s Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival was main competition film RINO, a fascinating portrait of the only Communist mole known to have […]

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